Guilt-free Banana Bread

GUILT-FREE BANANA BREAD | Relish guiltlessly in this moist loaf made without butter I totally have a soft spot for moist, delicious banana bread. However, I noticed my waistline thinks otherwise so I’ve been meticulous with this treat (read: trying to not make it a daily routine everytime I walk past the coffee shop on…

Heavenly Scrambled Eggs with Dill and Creme Fraiche

THE PERFECT SCRAMBLE | Divinely creamy yet as light as the breath of an angel. My latest obsession is scrambled eggs. How to perfect them and make the most glorious, creamiest and heavenly eggs unparalleled to any other you have eaten before. If you have a hard time finding creme fraiche, you can substitute it…

Truffled Scrambled Eggs

TRUFFLED-UP SCRAMBLED EGGS | Soft heavenly ricotta-like texture with a touch of gourmet. Crazy about eggs? Especially those creamy and soft scrambled eggs that slip off your spoon into your mouth? The secret here is cooking the eggs low and slow — low heat, plus plenty of time for soft eggy curds to gradually form. Yes, I…

Heavenly Almond Milk with Vanilla Bean and Dates

Save the money buying almond milk and make your own. Creamy, lightly sweet, and so satisfying—homemade almond milk (without the additives and preservatives) is a true luxury! It also contains no animal byproducts, allowing vegans and vegetarians to enjoy it without guilt. Personally, my favourite flavour combo comprises of utilising an entire vanilla bean, a couple…

Super Moist Blueberry Muffins

“I love you BERRY much” Blueberry Muffins | The moistest blueberry muffins with a lemon sugar crumble to take it over the top. There is something just so homey and comforting about blueberry muffins. The thought of sitting down to relax, with a nice cuppa tea in one hand and taking a steamy bite of a…

Moist and Fluffy Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

POPPY SEED DELIGHT | Light, delicate, sweet and moist muffins with tiny crunches of poppy seeds and the citrusy kiss of lemon.  Woke up to a dreary Saturday morning. Rather than to let the dismal weather affect my mood, the optimistic voice inside of me nudged me to bake something to brighten up the day….

Caramelised Figs on Avocado Toast

Figs…a culinary delicacy par excellence. Caramelise them with honey and serve on a toast layered with sliced avocado for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Figs. There is nothing like the tastes and texture of fresh figs. They are lusciously sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and…

Fluffy Ricotta Hotcakes With Honeycomb

A really good pancake should be so light and fluffy that it melts in your mouth. Not convinced? Try making these Bill Granger inspired ricotta hotcakes.

Homemade Organic Granola with Honey and Sea Salt

This is a super easy granola recipe that can be made (prep and cook time included) in under 30 minutes. What’s more, it leaves your house – kitchen at least – smelling absolutely amazing.

Avocado Tahini Sourdough With a Twist

Avocado Toast with a Twist – Breakfast will never be quite the same again Avocados – the creamy, delicious, nutrient-bomb. These little green gems are nutritional goldmines. Underneath the tough green exterior lies over 14 minerals; protein, complete, with all 18 essential amino acids; soluble fiber, to trap excess cholesterol and send it out of the…

Sunny Side Up Breakfast Brioche

A breakfast brioche packed full of antioxidants. The juxtaposition of bright colours works wonders to brighten and set your mood for the day.

Lavender Infused Greek Yoghurt Banana Bread

Banana bread has always been a favourite treat of mine. To lower the overall fat content, I lessened the amount of butter and substituted greek yoghurt instead. Given the natural sweetness of ripe bananas, I also reduced the amount of sugar required. I also added a slight twist by infusing some lavender into the batter….