Sweet and Sour Fish (the “air-fried” way).

Air fryer version of sweet and sour fish


A Sweet and Sour Pork That Does Not Damage Your Waistline

Finally! I discovered a guilt-free way to cook sweet and sour pork that does away with the threatening calorie count. Instead of deep frying the pork cubes, I experimented with the Phillips air fryer tonight. Surprisingly, the end result was pleasing – there was not too much compromise in texture nor in taste. An added…

Air fried Fish (Without the Chips and Oil)

Sometimes I crave fish and chips but am ever so cognisant of my expanding waistline. Seeing home cooked food should be healthy I decided to give my Phillips air fryer a shot and make my own version of battered fried fish without the oil and chips. I used frozen New Zealand Hoki Fish Fillets. After…